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I+ Trainer (Android v.0.7.9 - published 02.08.2019)

I+ Trainer for ARM v7 processors

I+ Trainer for Intel processors

How to run I+ Trainer software on Windows devices (PDF)

I+ Trainer User Manual (PDF)

I+ Manager (rev. 826 - published 01.11.2019)

I+ Manager is available on request from EFI (for details consult I+ Manager User Manual)

I+ Manager User Manual (PDF)

Tree Microhabitat app

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I+ Trainer (Android v. beta - published 24.9.2021)

NOTE: this is a test version with improved support for the mobile phones. Please send us feedback on performance so we can further improve display features (adminbonn@efi.int) 

Please download a version suitable for your device:
I+ Trainer for ARM v7 processors
I+ Trainer for Intel processors

I+ Trainer This architecture independent version should run well on modern devices, but we have received problem reports with for example opening the map or the map being drawn badly.


Installing the I+ Trainer to mobile devices

Which version to choose for download?

You can either download the software directly to your mobile device or first to your desktop. From the desktop you can then further transfer to suitable mobile device(s). Once you activate the download, the I+ Trainer will normally be saved to your folder ‘downloads’. You should check which I+ Trainer software version you should download based on the operating system of your mobile device. Mobile devices running Windows operating system do not yet allow to apply the I+ Software. This is work in progress.

  1. ARM Processors (Android operating system)
  2. Intel processors (Android operating system)
  3. Windows operating system (under construction)

Before installing the I+ Trainer there are a few more things you should be aware of!

Does device allow download from unknown source?

Go to ‘settings’ and check if your device allows to install applications from ‘both trusted and unknown sources’. You will need to allow this. Now you can start the installation process. You will be notified once the app is installed. You can then either press ‘done’ (leave page) or directly use the I+ Trainer by pressing ‘open’. Once the I+ Trainer is installed remember to go to ‘settings’ and deactivate ‘install applications from both trusted and unknown sources’.

Is the I+ Trainer already installed?

Different version name: If you have already installed the I+ Trainer (e.g. version 0.6.5) you can install a new trainer as long as it has a new version name (e.g. version 0.7.0). A new version name is usually given after major revisions. This means you can have several different I+ Trainer versions on your tablet. We do recommend, however, that you then use the new software version and load all marteloscope plots that you need once again. This way you will have access to all updates, new features etc. when conducting training exercises.  

Same version name: If only smaller updates are made the name will stay the same. You should then first de-install the version on your mobile device before uploading a new one. Why do this? The new version may not fully overwrite all features of the old one and so negatively affect app performance. If you do install an updated version with the same name (e.g. version 0.7.0), and did not de-install the previous one, you will get the following notification: ‘The app you’re installing will replace another one’. Press cancel and first de-install the old I+ Trainer (see next bullet on how to de-install) and then continue.  

How to de-install the I+ Trainer?

You need to go to ‘settings’ on your device and open the tab ‘applications’. There you will find besides other apps the I+ Trainer and the version that you want to delete.

For more details, check also the FAQ’s for the I+ Trainer.


Installing I+ Manager to a desktop

For details on installing the I+ Manager please consult the 'I+ Manager' User Manual available as PDF (see above)


Conditions for using the I+ Software

The software components 'I+ Trainer' and 'I+ Manager' are freely accessible. There are no costs involved for download and use.

I+ Trainer

The I+ Trainer is available for download. It is equipped with a sample marteloscope so users can familiarize with the functionality of the software. If a particular marteloscope site should be loaded, the user will need to contact the respective marteloscope manager, the organiser of a training event or the EFI-Bonn office (adminbonn@efi.int). The user will then receive an access password to load the desired marteloscope data to the I+ Trainer.

I+ Manager

The I+ Manager is reserved for marteloscope managers and training personnel. In order to install, marteloscope managers and trainers should contact the EFI-Bonn office (adminbonn@efi.int).  Access is then given to download the I+ Manager. 

Tree Microhabitat app

The content of the app is taken from the publication ‘Catalogue of tree microhabitats – Reference field list’. The app runs on both Android and Apple and can be downloaded at the Google Play Store and Apple Store. It is available in several languages.



If exercise results (e.g. PDF files), screenshots of I+ Trainer or I+ Manager or other products derived from the ‘I+’ software are further used or processed, this should be indicated:

“The graphs, tables, screenshots, exercise results…. were created using the ‘I+’ software":

1) iplus.efi.int

2) Schuck, A., Kraus, D., Krumm, F., Held, A., Schmitt, H., 2015. Integrate+ marteloscopes – Calibrating silvicultural decision making. Integrate+ Technical Paper No. 1. 12 p.

The Tree Microhabitat app should be referenced as follows:

Kraus, D., Bütler, R., Krumm, F., Lachat, T., Larrieu, L., Mergner, U., Paillet, Y., Rydkvist, T., Schuck, A., and Winter, S., 2016. Smart phone application: Catalogue of tree microhabitats - field reference list. App contents derived from: Catalogue of tree microhabitats - field reference list. Integrate+ Technical Paper No. 13. 16 p. European Forest Institute (2016). App: Lisa Apfelbacher (illustrations), Sebastian Walker and Andreas Schuck (design), walkermedia systems (development).