Marteloscopes and the I+ Software

The "" website hosts a full list of all established marteloscopes to date as well as site descriptions. Under the tab "I+ Software Store" you find the latest version of the I+ Trainer software for download and accompanying information/tutorials for installation and use. Note that the I+ Manager software is only available to site managers on request from EFI. The tab 'Documentation' hosts marteloscope and software related publications, papers and articles, a link to the Integrate movie "Wise use of our forests: the integrative approach" and lists projects that set-up new or ultilise marteloscopes from the demonstration site network.

The I+ software itself was developed in the course of the projects Integrate+ and INFORMAR and continues to be under the European Network Integrate. The I+ software is used to perform virtual tree selection exercises in designated forest training or marteloscopes. It is currently tailored to educating on integrating biodiversity conservation in managed forests. It is designed in a way that allows it to be further expanded also to other topics. The I+ software package consists of four components:

I+ Manager

installed on a desktop it acts as an interface for administering marteloscope sites. It allows to (1) manage and update any information on individual sites, (2) load new marteloscopes, (3) design training exercises and (4) view and export exercise results following training events.

Screenshot I+Manager

I+ Trainer

designed for mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. It is used for conducting marteloscope exercises in the field.

Screenshot I+Trainer


Central I+ Repository

stores all marteloscope information, including inventory data, exercise design, user accounts and exercise results.


server-based application to support communication between I+ Trainer and I+ Repository.